Guilt free shortcuts you should be taking

It feels icky to procrastinate. But mark my words, taking the shortcuts here will not result in undue guilt. Use the time you save to knit a sweater. Or don’t.

Don’t fold your pajamas. My pajama drawer is a mess of wrinkly oversized tees, and it works. So unless you have a drawer full of fragile La Perla lingerie, pile your sweats on in, and close the drawer on folding.

Skip the grocery store. I didn’t have a car for almost year, and in that time, the only errand I couldn’t tackle using public transit was grocery shopping. So I started paying a $5 fee to have my groceries delivered. Now that I’m mobile again, I don’t set foot in the grocery store unless I absolutely have to. I easily save the $5 fee on impulse items I would have bought in-store, and it’s much easier to plan a meal when finding an ingredient is as easy as keying it into the search box.

Do all your laundry in one load, using cold water. I haven’t separated colors and whites for years, and I’ve never had problems with colors bleeding or clothes not getting clean. Plus you save on energy costs. It may feel weird, but just do it. Just throw all your clothes in one load of laundry. Like the melting pot that is America.

Ditch those receipts. I bet some of you hoard those pesky slips of paper because you delude yourself into thinking it helps you track your spending. Well it’s time to knock it off. From here on out, pledge only to keep and file away receipts for purchases over $200 (groceries don’t count, folks), for gifts, and for items you’re fairly certain you’ll return. Does the idea of tossing receipts make you panic? Then discard them in your recycling bin — you take it out less often, so if you end up needing that credit card slip from your cut-and-color (but, trust me, you won’t need it), it won’t be crusted to an old container of Thai takeout in the trash.

Shower less frequently. I know, it sounds gross, but unless you work a physical job or are a regular exerciser, you probably don’t sweat enough to justify taking a daily shower. If you can’t deal with skipping bathing, invest in a dry shampoo and only wash your hair every other day. Sometimes slightly greasy hair lends itself better to styling. It will save you at least a half an hour in the morning.

Sex isn’t strictly for bedtime. If you have the advantage of a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/casual sex partner, embrace the opportunity to hump any time. Morning sex is my favorite, but I also appreciate a quickie right after work or after dinner. The boost in serotonin will give you the energy you need to be productive, and by the time bedtime rolls around, you can doze off without forgoing the lovin.

Set up automatic bill pay. If you’ve heard this advice before, but are still buying stamps and signing checks, consider it your final warning. Set up auto pay for ALL your bills. It will save you time, and alleviate the dread you feel when checking the mail. Plus some utility companies offer discounted rates for auto-pay customers.

What are your guilt-free shortcuts?

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