From hungover to put-together in 20 minutes flat

From hungover heap to office ready in 20 minutes flat

We’ve all overdone it on a weeknight. The clock reads 1 a.m., but booze-addled and forgetful, you signal the bartender for a round of shots. Thankfully, the next morning, and with only minutes to spare, your alarm yanks you from a heavy slumber.

When your typical morning routine won’t get you to work or class on time, turn to the following steps to create a polished look when you’re in a rush — not to mention
puffy-faced, tired-eyed, and greasy-haired.

Groom minimally

It’s gross, I know, but you’ll have to settle for a whore’s bath this morning. Dab on layer of deodorant (preferably scented), wash your face, and moisturize. Your night of drinking will sap your skin of moisture, so slather a quick layer of body lotion on your arms and legs, and a moisturizer plus SPF on your face.

The messy bun is your pal

Next day hair is perfect for a top knot or ballerina bun that looks artfully disheveled, not sloppy. Spritz your locks with hairspray, throw your hair forward, and finger comb it into a high ponytail. Tease it, and wrap it in a knot or bun, then pin the hell out of it. Apply more hairspray. Here’s a tutorial for more help, ignore the first step.

Focus on the eyes

You don’t have time to apply primer, concealer, and foundation. Instead of rushing through your entire makeup routine, only to yield spotty results, rely on your friends: mascara, concealer, and more mascara. Apply concealer to your entire eye, undereye and lid alike, and blend with your fingertips. Then swipe on two layers of mascara. Big eyes should draw attention from your splotchy, sallow, hungover complexion.

Hide under tights and scarves

Don’t torture yourself and exacerbate your nausea with a constricting pant or jean. Instead, throw on an outfit that feels like pajamas but looks refined. My go-to hungover uniform is opaque black tights, a cotton sheath dress, and a fluffy cardigan or sweater. I top it off with a bright scarf, a belt to cinch the waist, and a pair of flat boots.

Other options might be a sweater dress with leggings, or even a jumper, as long as you style it to look intentional. But never turn to your comfy sweatpants in a pinch. I don’t care if they have a designer label, sweatpants are not clothing, and there’s a reason Audrey Hepburn never wore them.

Grab a banana and a water on the go

I know, a coffee sounds divine right about now. But you don’t have the time to stop for a cup, nor to brew a pot. Plus, the acidic drink will upset your stomach. So turn to a banana and a water to hold you over until you can get your hands on some caffeine. Your best bet for curbing hangover symptoms is to get some hydration and nutrition, immediately. Bananas tend to settle the stomach, and provide a quick dose of vitamins. Although it may feel satisfying to slake your thirst, try to sip the water slowly, or you could get some nasty gut rot.

What are your secrets for hiding your hangover? Leave them in the comments!

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