6 painless hacks guaranteed to save you cash

6 painless hacks guaranteed to save you cashWe all know that sacrificing our daily lattee is a viable means to save money. But why deprive yourself when you can cut corners in places you’ll never notice? Here are six surprising ways to save a few bucks.

Put off oil changes

I’m not saying you should avoid regular vehicle maintenance altogether, just be wary of what your vehicle actually needs. Most auto service providers recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles. But check your car’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most vehicles only require oil changes every 5,000 miles.

In this case, you can procrastinate, guilt free. Speaking of procrastination…

Cut back on haircuts

Hairstylists will have you believe you need a cut every six weeks. But unless you rock a super short style, you can get away with a cut every two or three months. If you’ve got bangs, ask your salon about free bang trims between cuts — but don’t forget to tip your stylist for the service.

You can return almost anything

Have you ever made a questionable purchase, encouraged by the notion that you can always return it later, only to keep it? Yeah, retailers know you do, which leads them to design lax return policies that shoppers rarely take advantage of. So quit cluttering up your life with sub-par purchases, and return all the stuff you hate.

Whether you ripped the tag off that dress, broke the seal on that tube of mascara, or lost the receipt for those scratchy sheets, try to return the unwanted item. I think you’ll be surprised what types of merchandise retailers will accept, sometimes despite their return policies. This is especially true for online retailers — Fab will refund your purchase, no return necessary!

Buy cheap shampoo, fancy conditioner

I hate to break it to you, but all shampoo is the same. So quit blowing cash on pricy shampoo and conditioner pairs. If you’re as addicted to salon-priced products as me, you’ll delight to know the luxe shampoo isn’t necessary. Splurge on the conditioner, and scrimp on the shampoo.

Subscribe to e-newsletters

My email inbox is flooded with spam, and I love it. I subscribe to e-newsletters for events, restaurants, retailers, and more, and they send me ridiculous deals. I recently scored tickets to an event for 80 percent off! So subscribe to every email list you can.

It may be tempting to buy every deal that lands in your inbox, but restrain yourself. If you end up making purchases you didn’t plan on, it cancels out the point of saving money in the first place.

Befriend Craigslist

Stop throwing your stuff away. Depending on the condition of an item, you can usually sell used stuff on Craigslist. I recently sold an old neon beer sign for thirty bucks! Be sure to sell old furniture, sporting equipment, tools, kitchen stuff, and other household items. Believe me, someone will buy it.

How do you cut costs without sacrificing what you love? Tell me in the comments!

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