5 tips for surviving a pub crawl

5 tips for surviving a pub crawl // ALightEdit

I can assure you that organizing a pub crawl is like piloting a school bus of caffeinated toddlers — there will be screaming, crying, and vomiting. You may not get out alive. Be prepared for the field trip from hell with the following tips.

Make a plan

Map out a general plan for the day of the crawl, about two weeks ahead of time. Decide where you will meet up with friends, what time, what they should bring, how you’ll get to the bars, and what everyone should wear. Keep the input from the group minimal — as much as people say they want to help plan, most would rather be told what to do rather than contribute. Send out the info in a mass text, but expect your crew to be clueless on the day of, despite your efforts.

Pregame, pregame, pregame

The time spent getting ready and warming up for the night with your group will be the best part of the night. So don’t show up late, or worse, skip pregaming altogether. You’ll be glad your pals and yourself are well lubricated before setting out to battle throngs of inebriated partiers for an opening at the bar. Pregaming is the time to take pictures, get your buzz on, and put the finishing touches on your outfit/costume.

Hoard your cash

As seemingly simple as it sounds to purchase bulk supplies for your bar crawl crew (tickets, costumes, matching t-shirts, booze for pregame, etc.), you’re better off being selfish. Putting up the cash for your group is a surefire way to lose out on money when people don’t show, don’t bring cash, or don’t expect to have to reimburse you. Best case scenario is you’ll get all your money back, only to set out to the bar with a pocket full of cash that will mysteriously disappear by the end of the night.

Don’t herd cats

Keeping your group together during a crowded pub crawl is about as easy as herding cats. Set out on the crawl near one or two close friends, and don’t sweat it when the rest of the group breaks off or gets lost. At least you all had time to pregame together, and you have your best pals to pound shots with. It’s likely you’ll run into the lost portion of your group at a later point in the night, and the reunion will be more exciting when you’re tipsy.

Bring a flask

Any other night, sneaking your own liquor into a bar will get you booted. But during a bar crawl, when the place is overflowing with drunks, it’s pretty easy to sneak sips from a flask. Of course, you should do your best to buy drinks at the bar, as a courtesy. But it could take twenty minutes to get served, so keep yourself sauced in the meantime and while walking between bars.

What are your bar crawl horror stories? Tell me in the comments!

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