3 fashion trends you CAN pull off

3 fashion trends you CAN pull off // A Light Edit

My inner tomboy shies away from trendy clothing. As a newcomer to the world of
fashion, I live in near-constant fear of looking like I’m trying too hard. But despite how intimidating some trends may seem, there are  a few fashionable items that are flattering for all.

These are my top picks for seemingly scary trends that you CAN pull off.


This frilly cut complements most shapes and sizes and disguises a belly or love handles. I love peplum tops paired with sleek pencil skirts, as well as form-fitting peplum dresses in vibrant colors like aqua, purple, and red. This look is great for the office or happy hour.

Maxi dresses

Not only do cotton maxi dresses feel like pajamas, they empower you to go a few days without shaving your legs. Seriously, win win. At a compact five feet, three inches, I was worried these floor-length dresses would make me look short. But I discovered maxi dresses with a cinched waist make tall and short women alike look long and lean. I wear my Forever 21 maxi dress to work on casual Friday, to run errands, or to the beach or farmer’s market.

Cropped pants

Perhaps hastily, I’ve tossed all my straight-leg work trousers in favor of slim-fitted cropped pants. There’s something so dainty and Parisian about the cut. And not only are they super slimming, you can wear cropped pants with heels, boots, flats, or sandals. Wear them with a blouse, or a T-shirt and scarf at the office.


Not included in my top three, but as an added bonus, I urge you to collect as many pairs of boots as possible. Cute boots are neither trendy nor tough to pull off — they’re a wardrobe staple that will go the distance. In fact, my adoption of boots was my first step into the world of style. Over the knee to ankle height, high heeled and flat, adorned with studs or plain leather, boots scream badass. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed?

Which trends were you pleasantly surprised you could pull off? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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