5 grammar mistakes idiots make: Part II

5 grammar mistakes idiots makeSorry to be so harsh about it, but I had to get your attention. Ladies, the time has come to get your vocabulary in check. Mispronouncing or misusing words may have been commonplace in high school, but today, those same grammatical blunders will make you look like an idiot.

So without further ado, here are a few more mistakes to avoid in writing and conversation.  

How many of the following snafus are you guilty of commiting?

More than, over

“More than” describes quantities, while “over” describes a geographic location. You might have taken “more than five whiskey shots,” and then tried to “jump over the back of the sofa, only to fall on your face.”

Might, may

Although “might” and “may” are seemingly interchangeable terms, they convey different levels of commitment. If you “may be late for that party,” you’re describing it’s somewhat unlikely you’ll be punctual. But if you “might be drinking heavily tonight,” you’re claiming it’s very unlikely you’ll get blackout drunk. See the difference?

Further, farther

While “further” is used to to describe figurative progress, “farther” depicts physical distance. For example, while you “will get further in life wearing sexy shoes,” you will also be able to “walk farther than six feet,” if you wear flats.

Flesh out

When an incomplete idea needs further development, you flesh it out. When incriminating evidence needs disposing of, you should definitely flush it out.


The incorrect use of literally, which has become widespread as of late, is so fucking ironic. While literally denotes something happened exactly as described, and indicates a storyteller is NOT exaggerating, some flamboyant gossipers use it IN ORDER TO exaggerate. If that movie scared you so much, you literally shit yourself, you should change your pants. Because that’s gross. The Oatmeal is with me on this one.

What grammatical mistakes make your skin crawl? Tell me in the comments, and they could appear in part three!

Check out the original post here for more grammar blunders.

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