4 easy fixes for the drunk crying girl

If you partake in adult beverages in social settings, you’ve probably become that girl. The one locked in the bathroom, standing on the front step, or huddled in the corner, drunk and crying. Whether it’s her boyfriend, her bestie, or her nemesis who made her cry, I’m a pro at drying the tears.

So keep the good times rolling by assimilating this bawling bitch back into the party with one of these quick fixes.

Introduce a cute critter

Track down the party host’s pet and use the fluffy guy to diffuse the situation. It’s impossible to cry when cradling a cuddly kitten.

Stuff her face

Everyone loves to chow down after a long night of drinking. So make her a quesadilla, heat up some leftover Chinese food, or order a pizza. Indulging in a greasy snack is guaranteed to smooth over any drunk drama.

Initiate a game

Distract the emotional lady by starting a board game or round of beer pong. Then recruit her for your team. It’ll pull her out of her slump and make her feel wanted.

Get on her level

Start crying yourself. Women are hardwired to comfort the downtrodden. And by bringing up your own dilemma, and sharing the tears, she loses her place as the center of attention. But use this tactic cautiously, as it could make things worse.

When was the last time you cried, drunk, in public? What did your friends do to fix you? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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