3 ways to drink free this summer

3 ways to drink free this summer // A Light Edit

Summer is expensive. Between the cost of that new bikini for the beach and your rising electric bill from blasting the air conditioning, the hot weather costs money. But what good are the sweltering temperatures if you can’t get drunk outdoors? Don’t go broke at the bars this summer.

Drink for free, and have a good time while you’re at it.

Tour a brewery

I’m proud to hail from a state that boasts a plethora of craft breweries. And as the craft beer industry grows, breweries are popping up across the country. Hop on Google, find a brewery near you, round up your beer-loving pals, and take a tour!

Not only will you snap a new profile pic alongside the brewing machinery, you’ll likely get a few free beers at the end of the tour! Fresh brewed, ice cold, FREE beer. I don’t think it gets any better than that on a hot summer afternoon.

Volunteer at a music series

Can’t afford tickets to the hottest summer music festivals, much less afford the $10 drinks the venue offers? Get in for free by volunteering at the concert. Music festivals, local fairs, and other events are always looking for volunteers. Perks for volunteering can range from free admission, to free beer! Look for smaller festivals to up your chances of drinking free.

Help your friend move

Really, what’s so bad about moving? Given you’re not the one moving, that day can be a blast for the friends who show up to help. Helping friends move is a great way to get a tan, hang out with your friends, earn some points with your buds, and drink free. After all, it’s a fact of life that volunteer movers collect their wages in beer.

What are your methods for skirting the cost of booze? Tell me in the comments or tweet me and I’ll include your ideas in part two of this post!

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