5 ways public transit limits my wardrobe

5 ways public transit limits my wardrobe // A Light Edit

I plan to commute by bus until I die. Not only do I hate driving, but gas is expensive, and traffic jams are infuriating. I’m delighted to begin and end my work day nestled into a faux-leather bus seat, engrossed in a good book. But riding the bus has its drawbacks. Namely that public transit kills my personal style.

Here are five perks of dressing for work I miss out on by using public transit.

My jacket is ugly. So very ugly.

I envy your jacket. While you don a cropped denim jacket in the elevator on workday mornings, I’m rocking an oversized hand-me-down Northface coat, complete with a water-resistant hood. But when I’m waiting for a late bus in below zero temperatures, I favor utility over glamour.

No heels for this girl

No footwear says “badass” more than stilettos. But alas, I can’t wear heels. It’s not that I can’t walk in them, it’s that I can’t safely stand in a crowded bus, clutching the rail for dear life, in five-inch heels. A life of flats is a bleak one at times.

Lunch bags will never be cute

Sure, car commuters bring their lunches too. But while you can stash your unsightly lunch tote in your vehicle before joining the girls for happy hour, I have nowhere to hide mine. So I haul my empty lunch bag with me while making a quick stop at Target, while having drinks with friends, or while enjoying an after-work stroll. It might as well have Batman plastered on the side for how juvenile this particular accessory makes me feel.

The peril of statement rings

I love big chunky statement jewelry, especially rings. But I can’t rock blingy baubles. Big rings tend to pinch my fingers when I hold the handrail of the bus. After all, I can’t always get a seat during rush hour.

My hair looked better this morning

From rain and wind, to snow and humidity, public transit commuters suffer the elements. And whether I throw my hair in a ponytail or painstakingly style it with a curling iron, my style never holds up past my commute. It either frizzes out, goes flat, or falls apart on the walk to and waiting for the bus.

What frustrates you most about public transportation? Tweet me your gripes or leave them in the comments.

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