10 reasons geeks are great in bed

10 reasons geeks are great in bed // A Light Edit

Us geek ladies get a bad rap for being shy, sheltered, and timid. Sure, we love to read, game, and collect, but our tame interests and hobbies don’t necessarily reflect our tastes in the bedroom.

I’m here to argue that geeks make the best sex partners. Here’s ten reasons why.

10. We get VERY enthusiastic

Think about it. If we can talk exuberantly about Game of Thrones for two straight hours, imagine how much enthusiasm we’ll bring between the sheets.

9. We probably own costumes

If your chosen geek is of the Comic Con variety, she probably owns cosplay garb. Keep your fingers crossed she has a Wonder Woman costume.

8. We flaunt our freakiness

Sure, geeks are typically portrayed as shy. But when you get to know us, we’ll flaunt our passions, both inside the bedroom and out. So you can believe we’ll tell you what we like.

7. We’re high achievers

Geeks want to be best at everything, be it Call of Duty Black Ops or blow jobs. So you better believe we’re honing our skills at every opportunity.

6. We dig role play

Every geek has their fantasy fictional character, and chances are, she wants you to become him for the night. And what guy wouldn’t want to be Wolverine for an evening?

5. We can go for hours

If she likes thick books, she has the patience and endurance to go all night. After all, if she signs on for 1000 pages of a novel, she’s probably more than willing to go back for seconds in the bedroom. So when it’s good, you can keep going without worrying she’ll burn out.

4. We’re smart about sex

It’s not uncommon to see pregnant teens. But how often do you come across a pregnant teen geek? Not often. That’s because geeks are smart enough to be safe. So get your freak on, worry free.

3. We’re good listeners

Although not all geeks are introverts, many are. We like to listen. Which means we’ll hear and apply your constructive criticism. Just tell a geek what you like, and she’ll deliver.

2. What happens in the bedroom, stays there

Geeks have  better things to talk about with their friends than your performance. So rest assured that whatever goes down between you and your geek in the bedroom won’t be a topic of conversation with her girls at brunch the next morning.

1. We’re hot

Enough said.

Any other advantages to getting busy with a geek? Tell me what I forgot in the comments!

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