How to smoke pot like a pro

How to smoke pot like a pro // A Light Edit

For better or worse, now that I’m in my twenties, I don’t smoke pot like I used to. Now that’s not to say I don’t still puff a bowl every once in a while, but the objective these days is relaxation, not annihilation. I’m a staunch supporter of enjoying marijuana, in moderation, and believe there’s little harm in partaking in pot. But be warned, there are techniques for puffing within your limits and etiquette to getting high that every smoker should heed.

So I put together a simple guide for you newbie pot smokers, who partake in social situations, to help you avoid overindulging or annoying your buddies under the influence.

Pick the right time

I hope you’re sensible enough to avoid smoking pot before/during work, or preceding any important task – if you’re getting blazed prior to a salary negotiation with your boss, you should quit smoking now, because you don’t have the brain cells to spare. But also be critical of times when you’re not in the best mindset to get baked. Are you already too drunk? Are you in a social situation with new people, or a group you feel less-than-comfortable around? Are you planning on driving a car anytime soon? If yes, pass for now.

Hit it politely

So you’re all set to smoke, and the bowl/joint/bong is making the rounds. There are a few tips for optimal smoke-session enjoyment you should know.

First, if you’re smoking a bowl or bong, don’t torch it, especially if you’re first up to bat. Applying too much heat to the pot will diminish the flavor for the next person in line, and waste the weed. So unless you anticipate you can handle a huge hit, apply flame only to the edge of the bowl, and pull it away after 1-3 seconds.

Second, don’t be greedy. Hit it once, and pass it along. Unless of course it’s your supply, then you have license to linger. And be quick about it! Nobody likes listening to your drawn-out story while you gesture wildly, coveted bowl in hand. Pass it already.

Third, don’t overdo it. If you inhale too hard, you’ll likely launch into a coughing fit and get more baked than you bargained for. My advice when smoking pot is to suck like you’re drinking from a tiny cocktail straw: suck in firmly, as if drawing a drink, then inhale. Letting the smoke linger in your mouth first ensures you won’t inhale too much.

Reciprocate the favor

If a friend offers to smoke with you, accept gratefully, but don’t brush off the gesture entirely. In case you’ve never purchased weed before, here’s a fun fact: it isn’t cheap. That means the generous smoker who supplies the herb paid a lot of money to do so. So repay her. Buy her a beer, a slice of pizza, or a coffee that day or at a later time. No matter how noncommittal these stoners seem, they secretly wish their pals would return their generosity from time to time, and they remember those who follow through.

Any rules you follow when smoking pot? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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