3 easy steps to higher pay

3 easy steps to higher pay

You work hard, and I think you deserve a raise. The problem is, you won’t get one unless you ask. So quit complaining about your petty paycheck, and follow these easy steps to land a salary increase.

Set up a time

The best time to discuss a raise with your supervisor is during a regularly scheduled performance review. Chances are, if you work for a larger company, these reviews are mandatory but tend to land at the bottom of your boss’s mounting to-do list. I suggest you approach your immediate supervisor and ask whether it’s possible to schedule a performance review or one-on-one meeting in the near future. No need to share any further details, but if pressed, you can tell her you’d like to share some strategies for how to improve your team or work.

Do some research

Use resources like salary.com to determine the average compensation for a similar job to yours in your area. Be sure the salaries listed are for employees with similar experience, education, and job responsibilities as you. If possible, print out the report.

The next step is to reflect on what you bring to your organization and compose your argument for why you deserve a raise. Make a list of projects or initiatives you’ve led in the past six months along with the results — results can be increased productivity, client satisfaction, lower costs, or higher quality work. If you can come up with 3-5 solid examples, you’ll be in good shape.

Make your case

Round up your evidence and present it to your supervisor at the aforementioned meeting. Be direct about your request and begin the conversation with something like, “I’d like to negotiate a salary increase, based on my performance and the average salary for my position.” Then present your evidence. Avoid making any argument based on your need for higher pay — your boss doesn’t give a shit that you’re looking to fund a lifestyle. Finally, end the conversation with the request your boss give the matter some thought, and inform her you will follow up on the matter soon. Done.

Hopefully, when you check in the following week, you’ll get the raise you requested. But if not, at least you’ve asserted yourself as a valuable member of your team.

What are your best strategies for negotiating a salary increase? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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