5 style tricks to look hot in cold weather

5 style tricks to look hot in cold weather // A Light Edit

As a born and raised Minnesota girl, I know the pain of winter. In my hometown, it’s not uncommon for schools to remain open after a 14-inch snowfall, and fifteen below zero temperatures don’t deter us from venturing out for a late-night happy hour. But unlike some of my Midwest ladies, I refuse to put my style on hold until the snow melts.

Here are my top secrets for looking good during frightful winters, no Ugg boots required.

Use (sneaky) layers to stay warm

Your go-to staple for surviving winter is a quality pair of leggings that trap heat and shield wind. As odd as it sounds, I wear Under Armour leggings beneath jeans, pants, and tights. Not only do they act as a cozy jacket for my bottom half on especially chilly days, but they nicely shape legs. Don a pair under your tights or leggings to keep your favorite dresses in your wardrobe rotation, well into February.

Embrace a braided updo

During a season when I’m forced to wear a hat, headband, or hood, my hair becomes less of an object of beauty and more of a pain in the ass. My typical messy bun won’t fit under a hat, my nicely styled curls frizz out in the wind, and my neat chignon falls apart under my hood. So I borrow a hairstyle from my Swedish ancestors and use braids to create a style that stays put and looks polished. My easiest style is to divide hair into two sections, create two braids, then double knot them together at the base of my neck, securing with bobby pins. I also love this knotted twist on maiden braids from A Beautiful Mess.

Befriend your boots

Why don nasty winter boots when you can wear your favorite fall pairs in the snow? Thanks to some miracle products, you can weatherproof your favorite boots and wear them in the snow. For my more expensive boots, I enlisted the help of a cobbler to reinforce the soles and treat the leather to withstand the harsh winter. Now my favorite Frye’s are just as cozy and durable as my snow boots. Be sure to invest in some thick wool socks to keep your toes warm.

Repurpose your summer dresses

Remember the days of lightweight, brightly colored, patterned cotton sundresses? Transition those garments to your winter wardrobe by wearing them with tights, boots, an oversized sweater, and a warm scarf. Brightly colored and printed dresses will perform double duty as cold-weather skirts when worn underneath a big cozy cableknit sweater.

Switch to tinted moisturizer

Whether you use liquid foundation, powder, or nothing at all, you should try tinted moisturizer in the winter months. Not only will it quench your wind-ravaged skin, but it will reflect light and brighten your complexion.

What are your cold-weather style secrets? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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