3 party tricks to show up the boys

3 party tricks to show up the boys // A Light Edit

I hate beer pong. When I find myself at a party where the guests are exuberantly participating in beer pong, flip cup, quarters or any number of drinking games, I tend to huddle in a corner. Why? I am terrible at any activity that requires hand eye coordination. Considering I can’t impress with my drinking game skills, I keep a few party tricks in my back pocket to compensate.

Regardless of your level of skill, here are three party tricks that you CAN pull off, no matter how many beers you’ve downed, that are sure to amaze the guys at any party.

Split an apple with your bare hands

Sure, you can’t benchpress 250 pounds. But you can fake some superhuman strength by splitting an apple in half with your bare hands. The trick here is to create a mechanical hack that applies force to the fruit. When demonstrating this trick, try not to act surprised when the apple breaks.

Challenge him to lift a chair

Make the guys feel weak with this easy trick. Stand with your back and butt pressed against a wall, with your heels touching the space where the wall meets the floor. Position any chair in front of you. Then, bend forward, and lift the chair off the ground slightly. When the onlookers start scoffing at your trick, challenge them to duplicate it. Then grin with delight when the guys can’t lift the chair.

This shortcoming is due to a woman’s center of gravity being lower. While we can balance when bent at the hips, men can’t. So heckle the guys mercilessly when they can’t pull this one off.

Pull a slick trick with a bottle and lighter

The final trick I love to use at parties works best if your opponent is a little tipsy. To execute it, place a lighter on a table or other stable surface, turn a beer bottle upside down, and place it on top of the lighter. Challenge your opponent to remove the lighter without touching the bottle. After he studies the setup and comes up empty, slide the lighter out like this.

If you’re feeling generous, show him how you did it afterward.

What are your favorite party tricks? Tell me about them in the comments or tweet me!

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