How to make nice with the office bitch

How to make nice with the office bitch // A Light Edit

Every workplace has one: the cantankerous coworker who rules her roost and won’t hesitate to remind you who’s in charge. She’s sweet as pie at staff meetings and the bosses love her, but she can barely glance in your direction without a sour expression. And while you can avoid this breed of bitch in social situations, at the office you’re stuck with her.

Here are five tips for how to forge a productive relationship with the office bitch, and possibly win her over.

Don’t kiss her ass

It might seem like you can win her over with a latte, but by going out of your way to be nice to her, you’re only playing the office bitch’s game. She’ll delight in rebuffing your efforts to be friendly, so don’t bother making the extra effort.

Don’t tell her off

While tempting, you can’t tell your colleague to fuck off. She’ll scurry off to report you, and you’ll get slapped with a formal warning from HR.

Don’t move in on her territory

This prickly woman is the queen of her own tiny universe, and if you edge in on it, she’ll strike against you in an instant. So if the office bitch prefers to always make the morning coffee, don’t brew a pot to be helpful or you risk her wrath.

Don’t fuck up on the job

Often the office bitch gets her attitude because she perceives her job as superior and thinks herself more skilled than you. Don’t give her more reason to believe you’re incompetent. If you’re ever forced to collaborate, deliver your end of the project with perfection.

Don’t let her hog the credit

Dealing with the office bitch is all about striking a balance between acting hostile and sweet. So while you should avoid her when possible, you also shouldn’t let her rob your thunder. If she ever tries to take credit for your work or ideas to your boss, correct her sweetly. Say something like, “good thing we both brought our skills to that project, I’m certainly proud of the outcome.”

What strategies do you employ to get along with the office bitch? Tweet me or tell me in the comments.

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