The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21

The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21 // A Light Edit

Admit it, you still shop at Forever 21. Yeah, me too. I’ve been drawn to the bright and glittery garments that litter the overcrowded store more times than I’d care to acknowledge. And despite the fact we know we’ll blow too much cash on cheap, poor quality items, us ladies wander into this dubious retailer time and time again.

Here are the 10 stages we inevitably progress through in the Forever 21 shopping experience.

10. The approach

“If I’ve got twenty bucks to spend, I should be able to get a tank top, a pair of earrings, some tights, and still have enough left over for Starbucks. Here goes nothing.”

9. The auditory assault

“For the love of God, what is this music? Is it a recording of a dying rabbit laid over a dubstep track? How do I make it stop?”

8. The hunt

“Perfect, a pile of tank tops. There’s my size. Moving on. Wait, are those tanks over there? In fluorescent colors? Better check if those are superior.”

7. The campy impulse grab

“Is that a kitty cat sweater? It couldn’t hurt to try it on.”

6. The delirious impulse grab

“I can totally pull off that cropped tee with these high-waisted shorts. Totally.”

5. The isn’t-fitting room

“How can a woman’s garment give me a penis bulge? That crotch fit is a disaster.”

4. The checkout line

“A Hello Kitty iPhone case for $2.95?! Hell to the yes, I’ll take two.”

3. The point of no return

“There are no returns or exchanges for any reason ever? Uh, yes, I was aware of your return policy.”

2. The buyer’s remorse

“OK, I spent more than I planned, but that chiffon party dress is going to be so versatile. Well, it would be, if I had any fancy parties to go to. Note to self: get invited to more fancy cocktail parties.”

1. The ripping and breaking

“What was that tickle on my neck? Oh. My necklace falling into my cleavage. The clasp is broken already?! I just bought this yesterday!”

What happens during your adventures at Forever 21? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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