3 subtle ways you discriminate against single friends

3 subtle ways you discriminate against single friends // A Light Edit

Gone are the days we ladies abandon our pals in favor of our boyfriends. Maintaining a balance between friendships and relationships is a telling sign of maturity. And although you can peacefully co-exist with your single friends today, you may be discriminating against them for their single status, without even noticing.

Here are three subtle ways you interact differently with your single buds than you might with your fellow couples.

You introduce her as single

Whether it stems from your innate desire to recruit your friends to the relationship ranks, or if it just seems like a decent icebreaker, you tend to introduce your single friends like this: “This is Emily. She’s single.” You might think nothing of calling out her relationship status to new people at a gathering, but you wouldn’t introduce someone with, “This is Sarah, she has a boyfriend.”

While some friends may welcome you sharing their single status with potential dates, others are irritated by it. Tread carefully.

You exclude her from couples gatherings

There’s nothing more awkward than discovering Facebook photos from a recent party that you weren’t invited to. It might seem like you’re doing a single friend a favor by sparing her from being the fifth, seventh, or ninth wheel at a couples-only party, but it’s actually hurtful to not invite her. If you’re concerned she’ll feel out of place, mention that she’ll likely be the only single attendee, and leave it up to her to decide whether she’d like to attend.

You always plan wild nights out

Some ladies keep a single friend in their back pocket for those nights they want to ditch their man and let loose. But while single ladies are usually game for a wild late-night outing, those friends also like to chill out with a glass of wine and a bad movie. There’s nothing wrong with relying on your single friends to be your partner in crime when you’re out on the town, but don’t forget to also make other plans with her.

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