5 subtle signs he wants to be just friends

5 subtle signs he wants to be just friends // A Light Edit

In a post-college age of co-ed gatherings, it can be difficult to suss out where you and that guy lie on the friendship/relationship continuum. Does your happy hour date qualify as a romantic-type date? Did that drunken hookup mean you’re on the fast-track to girlfriend status? Was your coworker’s roommate checking you out at that party?

While in most cases the guy you’re clicking with wants to knock boots, there are instances where you’re unknowingly in HIS friend zone. Here are some subtle signals he’s sending that indicate he considers you a platonic friend.

He avoids touching you

Whether he’s painfully shy or outrageously outgoing, if he likes you as more than a friend, he’ll begin to broach the touch barrier at some point. If he presses in close when you end up seated next to one another, if he places his hand on your lower back to guide you through a doorway, or if he lingers in hugs for a few seconds too long, he would probably sleep with you if given the opportunity. But if he seems to avoid touching you, cozy up in your little corner of the friend zone because you’re going to be staying a while.

He splits the tab

Just as you and your girlfriends switch off paying, a guy who considers you a friend will expect you to split the cost of activities and outings. A guy that hopes to land you in bed? He’ll pounce on the bill immediately.

He takes forever to text you back

If you text him and don’t see a response for several hours to several days, you’re his pal. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, guys get in touch with women they’re interested in, even if they’re swamped or forgetful.

He introduces you as a “friend”

While it’s a great sign that he wants you to meet his friends, being introduced as his “friend Jessica,” is not. If you’re in the beginning stages of seeing one another romantically, he’ll introduce you by your name, sans descriptor. By including the “friend” moniker, he’s making clear you two are nothing more than pals.

He talks about other girls

Generally, guys are clueless about us ladies. So it’s common for them to consult their girl friends when navigating the complexities of the opposite sex. If he asks advice about another girl, kiss your relationship dreams goodbye. Sure, he might be bringing it up to make you jealous, but in that case, YOU should put HIM in the friend zone, because he’s an ass.

Have you ever been stuck in the friendzone? What warning signs did you notice? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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