3 harmless behaviors we need to stop apologizing for

3 harmless behaviors we need to stop apologizing for // A Light Edit

Ladies, we are a sorry bunch. We apologize so readily that we hardly notice it anymore. And I’m not saying we should erase “sorry” from our vocabulary entirely. But this propensity to offer repentance is actually detrimental to our wellbeing. After all, why should we feel guilty when we’ve done nothing wrong.

Here are three habits we often apologize for, that we should own up to instead.

Not immediately responding to a text

The rise of texting gave way to an age of constant and consistent communication that does little to connect us with one another. Unfortunately, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification when we press “send” on a text, and tend to feel guilty for missing or ignoring incoming messages from others, even if only for a few hours. It has to stop. The next time you set aside your device to devote your undivided attention to something more pressing, resist the urge to apologize for messages that have gone unanswered. Not even, “sorry, I was in a movie, what’s up?”

Opting out of social engagements

Plenty of young women juggle a demanding schedule: work, school, family, friends, fitness, relationships. Your free time is precious, and you deserve to spend it doing what brings you joy. But when you get invited to baby showers, happy hours, and everything in between, you sometimes forgo your right to control your free time for fear of hurting the person who invited you. So you say, “sorry, I can’t make it, I have a ton of homework.” Own your choices by instead saying thanks, but no thanks. No explanation or apology necessary. Not only will you come across as more genuine, but you’ll spare yourself the guilt of skipping the event. Consider it an exercise in saying “no,” a muscle we could all benefit from strengthening.

Watching bad TV

The next time you get caught watching trashy reality TV, don’t hurriedly change the channel. Everyone gravitates toward the melodrama common to those awful shows. Just because you derive some mind-numbing pleasure from The Bachelor doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate Breaking Bad. Liking stupid entertainment doesn’t make you stupid. Banish this phrase: “sorry, I know this show sucks, I’ll turn it off.”

What do you pledge to stop apologizing for? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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