5 everyday items to always buy online

5 everyday items to always buy online // A Light Edit

Given the exorbitant cost of gas and massive time commitment that comes with running errands, it stands to reason we could all save some money and a few headaches by shopping online. Sure, there are some items that are best to buy in person, but if the prices are comparable and shipping fees reasonable, why not take a shortcut and opt for the virtual shopping basket when we buy?

Here are some everyday essentials that are less expensive, easier to obtain, and sometimes higher quality when you order online.

Contact lenses

If you want cheap lenses, a hassle-free experience, and impeccable customer service, ditch the optometrist and order from 1-800 Contacts. I know, that endorsement seems too glowing to be objective, but I swear, nobody’s paying me to praise this service.

Printer ink

Although I rarely use my home printer, it seems like every time I turn around, the ink is gone. Aside from being one of the most expensive liquids by volume on Earth, printer ink is one of those items that I never remember to pick up until it’s too late. Any student knows the dread of realizing their printer is dry at midnight the night before a paper is due. So the next time you see the dreaded “ink out” error message, check out Ink Grabber to replenish your supply at a huge discount over office supply stores.

Cords and cables

Remember the days when DVD players came with all the cables included? Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Today, if we want the pleasure of experiencing our movies in HD, we have to buy an HDMI cable that could run from 30-50 bucks at electronics retailers! So if you need an HDMI cable, phone charger, mini-usb cord, or any number of connectors, hit up Amazon. Electronics accessories are up to 90 percent cheaper than in stores.


If you’re still calling in your takeout order, it’s time to put the phone down. When you order a pizza online, you’ll save yourself the hassle of translating the mishmash of orders your friends are calling out while you’re on the phone. Plus you can apply coupons and discounts more easily.

Pet supplies

From toys and collars, to nail clippers and doggie shampoo, pet supplies are substantially cheaper online. My dog is a heavy chewer, so I order plenty of bones on Amazon. In fact, it’s so common for my pooch to receive toys in the mail that she gets excited at the very sight of the delivery truck.

What do you prefer to purchase online? Tell me in the comments or tweet me your ideas!

One thought on “5 everyday items to always buy online

  1. Online pizza ordering changed my life. Okay, not actually, but it’s still pretty freakin’ fantastic! No more “I’m sorry, can you repeat the specials” or “DOUBLE bacon. Yes, I know that’s a lot of bacon. Stop judging me.”

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