4 telltale signs he’s now officially your boyfriend

4 telltale signs he's now your boyfriend // A Light Edit

In decades past, when a girl graduated from prospect to girlfriend, her guy would impart a token to mark the occasion: a promise ring, a class pin, a varsity jacket. But in a time when casual hookups, perpetual hangouts, and vague text messages abound, how’s a lady to know when that dude she’s seeing wants to make it official?

Although you can’t know for sure without inciting an awkward conversation about the parameters of your relationship, there are a few signs that indicate you two have become a real couple.

You’ve met the family

Be they parents, siblings, or cousins, if he’s introduced you to members of his family, your guy probably wants to take things to the next level.

You celebrate holidays together

Guys are well aware that, aside from slutfest Halloween, spending a holiday with a girl implies a relationship that goes beyond casual dating. So if he invites you to join in his holiday festivities or traditions, consider yourself coupled.

You’re the first to hear his good news

If he calls to share his new job offer immediately after hanging up with the recruiter, you rank high on his list of important phone contacts. And if he picks you to join him in rejoicing over his good news, go overboard with the enthusiasm. After all, you want to be the type of pair that celebrate one another’s success.

You run errands with him

Sure, romantic date nights and day-long fuckfests are hot, but it’s the everyday outings you share that signify you’re a couple. If you go together to the post office or the dry cleaner’s, you’re likely getting serious. And if you find yourself having as great a time at the grocery store as you do at the bar, the guy’s probably a keeper.

How did you know when you’d been promoted to girlfriend? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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