3 fun outings perfect for pairs and hellish for groups

Contrary to what the old adage says, more isn’t always merrier. Some activities, while they sound like fun for all, are a nightmare when too many people come along. So to save time, money, and your sanity, never plan the following outings for big groups.


Think you and your pals are in for a good time when you gather for an afternoon of snowboarding? You just might enjoy your time on the slopes, but don’t expect to do much boarding. Snowboarding/skiing with a posse in tow almost certainly means you’ll end up waiting at the top of the chairlift while your pals get strapped in, then waiting at the bottom while the slower boarders make their way down the slopes. Bringing a first-time boarder, you say? Forget fun altogether, and prepare to babysit her for the afternoon.

Hitting the slopes with one companion, preferably comparable in skill to yourself, will yield maximum enjoyment and efficiency. Not only will you log more time boarding, you’ll never end up riding the chairlift alone. Speaking of sitting alone…

Going to the amusement park

The car ride to the amusement park is more fun in a group. But the festivities end at the ticket booth. From the moment you enter the park, you’ll spend your day waiting for someone to pee, guiding a ten-person train through a crowd of families, counting the ride lines to get everyone on the same coaster, and likely sitting alone on the log chute when your odd numbers leave you without a partner.

But bring only one buddy to the amusement park and you’ll weave past the crowds with ease then enjoy line-time as you two carry on a carefree chat that doesn’t end in, “wait, where did Emily go?”

Going shopping

Ladies’ shopping trips seem so adorable in the movies. What girl doesn’t want to spend her afternoon sipping an iced coffee, linked arm in arm with her band of chicks, balancing an array of bags on her free arm, and gossiping candidly? It’s too bad group shopping trips are less than adorable in reality. First, nobody is going to want to go to the same store. Second, nobody wants to wait outside a fitting room to give you an opinion on that jumper (it’s horrendous, by the way). Third, and finally, nobody will care that you can’t ACTUALLY afford that outfit — they’ll still talk you into buying it.

Choose a friend with similar shopping objectives the next time you hit the mall. And go ahead and get those iced coffees.

What outings have been ruined by a too-big group for you? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

One thought on “3 fun outings perfect for pairs and hellish for groups

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