5 times when every girl is a total hypocrite

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The biggest shortfall of humankind is our propensity to ignore our own faults while constantly seeking fault in others. In no universe is this more prevalent than girl world. Us ladies like to get fired up when we feel wronged, despite our own actions. Simply put, we don’t like the taste of our own medicine.

Here are five times when rational girls turn into complete hypocrites.

When her best friend gets a new boyfriend

While boyfriends come and go, best friends are forever. That is, until one half of the “bff” gets a new man. Suddenly, she’s cancelling happy hours and yoga classes to hang out with this dreamy dude. Jealous and abandoned, her pal lectures her about spending too much time in honeymoon-land. But it’s not long before the lonely girl meets a guy and becomes the starry-eyed girlfriend herself, then starts neglecting her bestie without a second thought.

When her girlfriends want to end the night early

As we get older, us girls don’t have the same party stamina we used to. Sometimes what’s supposed to be a wild Friday night ends at 10 p.m. sharp. But there’s always that one peppy bitch who whines and complains when her crew wants to turn in early. But when this same girl, only a week later, wants to leave the bar before midnight, she won’t take kindly to her girlfriends goading her. She can dish it, but she can’t take it.

When her roommate leaves a mess

Every girl that’s ever had a roommate has cursed the filthy bitch that left behind a sink full of dirty dishes, leaving her to scrub the day-old ranch dressing off another person’s dinner plate. But that doesn’t stop her from neglecting to take out the overflowing trash and wash her toothpaste stains out of the sink in the shared bathroom.

When her guy gets shitfaced

Nothing ruins the night quite like a drunk boyfriend. Ladies have little tolerance for stumbling, loud, sloppy, rude behavior when her guy gets wasted. And when he takes the fun too far, she’s quick to remind him how incorrigible he was the night before. Ironically, girls fully expect their guys to carry them home when they’ve had one too many themselves.

When her sister gets married

Put a girl in a sateen bridesmaids dress, ask her to fold two hundred placecards, demand she write a heartfelt speech, and expert her to do it all with a smile? She’ll be silently hating every moment of it. But despite her resentment toward her sister or friend, she’s likely to forget all about the nightmarish experience and become a bridezilla herself should she get engaged.

When are you at your most hypocritical? Tweet me or tell me in the comments!

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