3 ways women are killing their careers

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We women kick ass at communicating with others, managing complex processes, solving problems, and making the best of limited resources. So if ladies have strengths in areas that employers demand, why are women CEOs so few and far between? Unfortunately, fewer women are advancing to the top tier in their careers than their male coworkers. While I’m not denying the existence of constraints women fight in the workplace, I think it’s worthwhile to reflect on how we hold might be holding ourselves back.

Are you guilty of any of these career-killing habits?

Don’t keep quiet

Compared to their male counterparts, women tend not to speak up about their aspirations at work, and as a result may remain unnoticed when opportunities arise. So start talking about your goals with whoever will listen: tell your supervisor you’d like to take on more challenging projects, tell your coworkers you’re working toward managing your own team someday, and tell your friends and family about your dream job. You never know who might offer you the next stepping stone in your career. Speaking of your career path…

Don’t pass up lateral moves

With organizations increasingly eliminating middle management positions to increase efficiency, there are fewer direct paths up the career ladder at most companies. So consider moving along a career lattice: don’t discount a job opportunity just because it doesn’t offer a massive pay bump or increase in responsibility. Women can become more well rounded and well qualified for advancement by obtaining experience across many areas at work.

Don’t hold back because you don’t have all the answers

There’s a saying about the difference between men and women in their careers: women tend to want 100 percent of the answers before jumping into an opportunity, whereas men will dive in with only 70 percent clarity. So if you’re presented with an opportunity that you feel slightly unprepared to tackle, go for it anyway. Only by taking on new challenges will you grow as a professional. It might be intimidating at first, but you’ll probably find you’re more capable than you originally thought.

What mistakes have you made in your career? What ideas do you have for women to take control in their careers? Tweet me or tell me in the comments!

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