7 reasons you should burn your leggings and Ugg boots

7 reasons to burn your leggings and Ugg boots

I hope the frumpy girl uniform is a strictly Midwestern college phenomenon. I’d like to think universities in the warmer sections of the country are unfamiliar with lazy student dress. I would be relieved if your campus isn’t overrun with girls dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, hooded sweatshirts and the like. But I’m sad to report this trend is all too common in my hometown – young women who arrive at school dressed like they’re suffering from a vicious case of the flu.

So if you happen across one of these misguided, frumpy girls, here are ten arguments you can pose to sway them toward procuring clothing appropriate for venturing out in public.

7. You’re paying too much money to look so sloppy

Ugg boots cost up to two hundred bucks a pair. Victoria’s Secret charges around $40 for their finest yoga pants. Universities sell sweatshirts adorned with their colors and teams for top dollar. So I beg you, if you’re going to spend that kind of money on clothing, look for something that contains more than one seam, and perhaps has a button and zipper.

6. There are other comfortable clothes available

Yes, I’m sure those leggings are divinely comfortable. But guess what? A dress made from a natural fabric paired with some simple tights can feel like pajamas too.

5. You’re making a bad impression on your teachers

If you look like you just rolled out of bed, the professors leading your classes might assume you can’t be bothered to prepare for class. Not that most college faculty are much better at putting together an outfit, but I would bet they at least shower before arriving in the classroom.

4. You don’t want to meet the man of your dreams looking like a frazzled soccer mom

In case you hadn’t notice, there are hot guys at school. Do you really want to be wearing a baggy hoodie and your hair in a top knot when one takes a seat beside you?

3. Come graduation, you’ll need to buy a whole new wardrobe

Depending on your chosen career field, the dress code will vary. But I’ve yet to learn of an occupation outside of babysitting where your collection of fleece vests and stained boots will be considered appropriate work wear. So consider building some pieces into your wardrobe now that you can wear when you get a big-girl job.

2. Elastic waists let weight gain go unchecked

Your first few years of college typically bring some weight gain. If you’re dressing in clothing that’s loose or contains elastic, you’ll miss that crucial reality check that comes when you notice your pants getting too tight.

1. You’re prettier than that

I’m not asking you to don a full face of makeup and style your hair every single day – although ironically, a lot of the ladies I see in the frumpy college uniform do have perfect hair and makeup. I’m just asking you to be more deliberate with your style choices at school. Remember, you’re still out in public. So put some real clothes on.

So how common is this lazy-girl trend? Do you see a lot of Ugg boots and leggings in your neighborhood? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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