6 tips to enjoy Wisconsin Dells on a budget

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Home to the largest waterpark in the United States, Wisconsin Dells offer waterslides, rollercoasters, wave pools, and more attractions that are super fun for children and adults alike. And thanks to a few shortcuts, it’s easy to get in on the fun without spending a boatload.

Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money while enjoying all Wisconsin Dells has to offer.

Bring your own food and drink

Although virtually all the waterparks at Wisconsin Dells ban outside food and drinks, it’s easy to have a picnic just outside the park to avoid the exorbitantly priced park food. So pack a cooler with lunch and a few beverages, and leave it in the car while you hit the slides, and retrieve it when you get hungry. The parks allow reentry, and most have shaded picnic tables just outside the gates for cheapskate attendees to break for lunch.

Stay and pay for one night only

Wisconsin Dells resorts entice guests to rent a room by offering free admission to waterparks for hotel guests. To get maximum park time for minimum hotel fees, rent a room for one night only and get free admission for two days. For example, book your stay for a Saturday night, arrive Saturday morning and get started at the park as soon as it opens, then check out of the room Sunday, but remain at the park until close.

Check out Club Wett

Located near the large hotels, Club Wett is a dance club that offers free rail cocktails from 9:00-11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. And if you’re a guest at some hotels, you’ll get free cover. This place might sound cheesy, but it’s actually pretty fun, as far as nightclubs go. Don’t forget to tip the bartender for your deliciously free drinks.

Buy passes online

If you’d like to explore one of the waterparks outside your own resort, check admission prices online. If you book your passes online, they’re often cheaper, and you can show the receipt on your phone for admission as soon as the same day.

Don’t forget your toiletries

From shampoo and shaving cream, to ibuprofen and band-aids, bring more toiletries than you think you could possibly need to Wisconsin Dells. Personal care items are woefully expensive (think $4.95 for THREE tampons) at the gift shops. Additionally, the shampoo supplied by the hotel is subpar, especially for chlorine-soaked hair.

Bring beach towels

Think the resort supplies big, fluffy, unlimited towels for your waterpark adventures? Nope. If you rely on the hotel, you’ll have to resort to bringing teeny bath towels with you to the pool. Avoid the need to purchase a $35 beach towel at the Dells, and bring your own.

Your turn. What are your best hacks for saving money at Wisconsin Dells? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!

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