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If you're looking for a mommy blog, you've come to the wrong place. I'm Michele, a foul-mouthed writer and almost adult. I'm a resourceful, raucous, overcritical young lady. Here, I share the wisdom that helps me uphold my image as a "has-her-shit-together" twenty-something, who really doesn't have a clue.

6 tips to enjoy Wisconsin Dells on a budget

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Home to the largest waterpark in the United States, Wisconsin Dells offer waterslides, rollercoasters, wave pools, and more attractions that are super fun for children and adults alike. And thanks to a few shortcuts, it’s easy to get in on the fun without spending a boatload.

Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money while enjoying all Wisconsin Dells has to offer. Continue reading

3 reasons open relationships may be key to lasting love

Some friends and I recently stumbled on the topic of monogamy as we listened to our girl vent about her messy breakup. In the midst of the bitch-fest, I asked what she would look for in the next guy, and her response started a heated debate: she said she was looking for her “person,” but that she wasn’t ready to restrict herself to sex with one dude for the rest of her life. While my friends and I discussed the concept of pledging one’s being and one’s vagina to one man, I found my arguments emerging in favor of open relationships.

Call me crazy, but here are a few reasons why I think it’s possible for couples to have open sex lives, while nurturing a loving relationship. Continue reading

6 surefire strategies for getting invited back out on the boat

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As far as summer activities are concerned, boating is the best. Nothing beats the pleasures a boat can offer – floating on the lake under the hot summer sun with a cold beer is a massive improvement over fighting crowds at the nearest beach. So if you’re lucky enough to mooch off a buddy’s boat without taking on the burden and expense of owning one yourself, don’t squander it!

Stick to these six rules to ensure you ace your boating day and get repeat invitations to embark on a boating day, long into the future. Continue reading

How to split the bill: the frugal girl’s guide to dividing the tab

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My inner cheapskate tends to surface when a lovely dining experience concludes with a bit of hard math. I hate when the bill shows up, and hasn’t been divided. Because I know, without a doubt, that I will be the one to take the lead on how to pay the check and ensure the server receives a fair tip. Am I alone here?

If you get stressed you’ll be outed as a tightwad or end up covering more than your fair share when dealing with the check, read on for tips on how to divide the tab fairly, in any scenario. Continue reading

7 reasons you should burn your leggings and Ugg boots

7 reasons to burn your leggings and Ugg boots

I hope the frumpy girl uniform is a strictly Midwestern college phenomenon. I’d like to think universities in the warmer sections of the country are unfamiliar with lazy student dress. I would be relieved if your campus isn’t overrun with girls dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, hooded sweatshirts and the like. But I’m sad to report this trend is all too common in my hometown – young women who arrive at school dressed like they’re suffering from a vicious case of the flu.

So if you happen across one of these misguided, frumpy girls, here are ten arguments you can pose to sway them toward procuring clothing appropriate for venturing out in public. Continue reading

3 ways women are killing their careers

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We women kick ass at communicating with others, managing complex processes, solving problems, and making the best of limited resources. So if ladies have strengths in areas that employers demand, why are women CEOs so few and far between? Unfortunately, fewer women are advancing to the top tier in their careers than their male coworkers. While I’m not denying the existence of constraints women fight in the workplace, I think it’s worthwhile to reflect on how we hold might be holding ourselves back.

Are you guilty of any of these career-killing habits? Continue reading

5 myths about birth control dispelled

Ideally, every human with functional reproductive organs should be well versed on the basics of birth control from the moment they hit puberty. But if you’ve emerged from your teens with foggy information about pregnancy prevention, it’s not too late to get some clarity. Taking control of your reproductive health will help you get further in your career, thrive financially, and have better relationships – simply put, an unplanned pregnancy could seriously cramp your style.

Here are the top five myths about birth control you can write off as fiction, as well as some facts about how to have safer sex. Continue reading