6 tips to enjoy Wisconsin Dells on a budget

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Home to the largest waterpark in the United States, Wisconsin Dells offer waterslides, rollercoasters, wave pools, and more attractions that are super fun for children and adults alike. And thanks to a few shortcuts, it’s easy to get in on the fun without spending a boatload.

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6 surefire strategies for getting invited back out on the boat

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As far as summer activities are concerned, boating is the best. Nothing beats the pleasures a boat can offer – floating on the lake under the hot summer sun with a cold beer is a massive improvement over fighting crowds at the nearest beach. So if you’re lucky enough to mooch off a buddy’s boat without taking on the burden and expense of owning one yourself, don’t squander it!

Stick to these six rules to ensure you ace your boating day and get repeat invitations to embark on a boating day, long into the future. Continue reading

5 sneaky ways to save money on vacation

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I’m embarking on a girls’ trip to Mexico next week, and I couldn’t be more excited! But this vacation is no excuse to throw my budget to the wind for the week. It might seem impossible to keep spending in check when you’re letting loose, but you needn’t pay top dollar to have a top-notch experience.

Here are five sneaky ways you can save a buck on vacation, without sacrificing the fun.

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3 fun outings perfect for pairs and hellish for groups

Contrary to what the old adage says, more isn’t always merrier. Some activities, while they sound like fun for all, are a nightmare when too many people come along. So to save time, money, and your sanity, never plan the following outings for big groups. Continue reading

How to survive a catfight

How to survive a catfight // A Light Edit

I’d like to think that women as a populous conduct themselves in a respectable, dignified manner in most scenarios. I prefer to think of ladies as the gentler sex. But apparently, when the clock strikes midnight at parties, bars, and various social gatherings, us girls may sometimes conduct ourselves in an unsavory manner. The most unflattering and immature activity we can engage in is the sloppy drunk fight. We’ve all overdone it on drinks and found ourselves in screamfests with our pals and significant others, but a select few of us have found ourselves in a physical altercation.

As any decent older sibling should, my brother shared with me some easy tips for the day I should find myself in a fight. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I put his advice to use. So if in the unlikely event you end up in a catfight, employ these strategies to escape unscathed.

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How to spend the day without spending your money

How to spend the day without spending your money //  a light edit

If you forgot your wallet at home, could you survive the day without money? If you’re looking to save cash this new year, plan 1-3 days per week when you won’t spend a dime. Sound impossible?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for spending a day without spending money.

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3 party tricks to show up the boys

3 party tricks to show up the boys // A Light Edit

I hate beer pong. When I find myself at a party where the guests are exuberantly participating in beer pong, flip cup, quarters or any number of drinking games, I tend to huddle in a corner. Why? I am terrible at any activity that requires hand eye coordination. Considering I can’t impress with my drinking game skills, I keep a few party tricks in my back pocket to compensate.

Regardless of your level of skill, here are three party tricks that you CAN pull off, no matter how many beers you’ve downed, that are sure to amaze the guys at any party.

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