7 reasons you should burn your leggings and Ugg boots

7 reasons to burn your leggings and Ugg boots

I hope the frumpy girl uniform is a strictly Midwestern college phenomenon. I’d like to think universities in the warmer sections of the country are unfamiliar with lazy student dress. I would be relieved if your campus isn’t overrun with girls dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, hooded sweatshirts and the like. But I’m sad to report this trend is all too common in my hometown – young women who arrive at school dressed like they’re suffering from a vicious case of the flu.

So if you happen across one of these misguided, frumpy girls, here are ten arguments you can pose to sway them toward procuring clothing appropriate for venturing out in public. Continue reading

5 times when every girl is a total hypocrite

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The biggest shortfall of humankind is our propensity to ignore our own faults while constantly seeking fault in others. In no universe is this more prevalent than girl world. Us ladies like to get fired up when we feel wronged, despite our own actions. Simply put, we don’t like the taste of our own medicine.

Here are five times when rational girls turn into complete hypocrites. Continue reading

10 reasons I wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse

10 reasons I wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse // A Light Edit

I have a few skills that should give me an edge, should a mysterious outbreak cause zombies to take control of the Earth: I’m an accurate shot with a pistol, I’m fairly physically fit, I’m well-versed in zombie mythology, and I have a few pairs of Mad-Max-style boots that are perfect for an apocalyptic scenario.

But I’m stunted by a few weaknesses that would prevent me from surviving the first week of the zombie apocalypse. Here’s why I’m doomed.

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The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21

The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21 // A Light Edit

Admit it, you still shop at Forever 21. Yeah, me too. I’ve been drawn to the bright and glittery garments that litter the overcrowded store more times than I’d care to acknowledge. And despite the fact we know we’ll blow too much cash on cheap, poor quality items, us ladies wander into this dubious retailer time and time again.

Here are the 10 stages we inevitably progress through in the Forever 21 shopping experience.

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8 reasons your server wants to punch you in the face

8 reasons your server wants to punch you in the face // A Light Edit

Working for tips has its perks. Although the cash servers earn is decent, waiting tables comes with everyday annoyances that quickly grate on these workers’ patience.

Here are eight faux pas you unknowingly commit that make your server want to punch you, right in the face.  Continue reading

8 reasons to elope

8 reasons to elope // a light edit

Logic would dictate that because attending a wedding is such a joyous occasion, starring in one should be blissful too. But I’m here to remind you that you have other options for tying the knot, and more than a few reasons for skipping the lavish formal wedding.

Here are some of the reasons I would certainly elope.

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5 amazing second lives of characters from The Wire

5 amazing second lives of characters from The Wire // A Light Edit

Growing up, books were my friends. Sad, I know. So I’ve honed a tendency to develop an intense love for fictional characters. When it comes to my favorites, I like to pretend they all exist in the same universe, and live on long after the final page.

So here are the next chapters of the lives of my favorite characters from The Wire, as imagined by me.

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