5 times when every girl is a total hypocrite

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The biggest shortfall of humankind is our propensity to ignore our own faults while constantly seeking fault in others. In no universe is this more prevalent than girl world. Us ladies like to get fired up when we feel wronged, despite our own actions. Simply put, we don’t like the taste of our own medicine.

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5 sneaky ways to save money on vacation

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I’m embarking on a girls’ trip to Mexico next week, and I couldn’t be more excited! But this vacation is no excuse to throw my budget to the wind for the week. It might seem impossible to keep spending in check when you’re letting loose, but you needn’t pay top dollar to have a top-notch experience.

Here are five sneaky ways you can save a buck on vacation, without sacrificing the fun.

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How to leverage a coffee date into a job offer

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Looking for a job? Save yourself the turmoil of navigating clunky online application systems, and instead get hired over coffee. Informational interviews are the single most effective and underutilized tool in a job seeker’s arsenal. Making time for a quick meetup with a valuable contact can lead to a job in a number of ways: that contact might remember you when a position opens up at their workplace, they might refer you to someone who’s hiring, or they could agree to serve as a reference for you.

Here’s how to get in touch with the right people who could direct you to your dream job.

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3 fun outings perfect for pairs and hellish for groups

Contrary to what the old adage says, more isn’t always merrier. Some activities, while they sound like fun for all, are a nightmare when too many people come along. So to save time, money, and your sanity, never plan the following outings for big groups. Continue reading

4 telltale signs he’s now officially your boyfriend

4 telltale signs he's now your boyfriend // A Light Edit

In decades past, when a girl graduated from prospect to girlfriend, her guy would impart a token to mark the occasion: a promise ring, a class pin, a varsity jacket. But in a time when casual hookups, perpetual hangouts, and vague text messages abound, how’s a lady to know when that dude she’s seeing wants to make it official?

Although you can’t know for sure without inciting an awkward conversation about the parameters of your relationship, there are a few signs that indicate you two have become a real couple.

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10 reasons I wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse

10 reasons I wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse // A Light Edit

I have a few skills that should give me an edge, should a mysterious outbreak cause zombies to take control of the Earth: I’m an accurate shot with a pistol, I’m fairly physically fit, I’m well-versed in zombie mythology, and I have a few pairs of Mad-Max-style boots that are perfect for an apocalyptic scenario.

But I’m stunted by a few weaknesses that would prevent me from surviving the first week of the zombie apocalypse. Here’s why I’m doomed.

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5 everyday items to always buy online

5 everyday items to always buy online // A Light Edit

Given the exorbitant cost of gas and massive time commitment that comes with running errands, it stands to reason we could all save some money and a few headaches by shopping online. Sure, there are some items that are best to buy in person, but if the prices are comparable and shipping fees reasonable, why not take a shortcut and opt for the virtual shopping basket when we buy?

Here are some everyday essentials that are less expensive, easier to obtain, and sometimes higher quality when you order online. Continue reading