7 reasons you should burn your leggings and Ugg boots

7 reasons to burn your leggings and Ugg boots

I hope the frumpy girl uniform is a strictly Midwestern college phenomenon. I’d like to think universities in the warmer sections of the country are unfamiliar with lazy student dress. I would be relieved if your campus isn’t overrun with girls dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, hooded sweatshirts and the like. But I’m sad to report this trend is all too common in my hometown – young women who arrive at school dressed like they’re suffering from a vicious case of the flu.

So if you happen across one of these misguided, frumpy girls, here are ten arguments you can pose to sway them toward procuring clothing appropriate for venturing out in public. Continue reading

The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21

The 10 stages of shopping at Forever 21 // A Light Edit

Admit it, you still shop at Forever 21. Yeah, me too. I’ve been drawn to the bright and glittery garments that litter the overcrowded store more times than I’d care to acknowledge. And despite the fact we know we’ll blow too much cash on cheap, poor quality items, us ladies wander into this dubious retailer time and time again.

Here are the 10 stages we inevitably progress through in the Forever 21 shopping experience.

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5 style tricks to look hot in cold weather

5 style tricks to look hot in cold weather // A Light Edit

As a born and raised Minnesota girl, I know the pain of winter. In my hometown, it’s not uncommon for schools to remain open after a 14-inch snowfall, and fifteen below zero temperatures don’t deter us from venturing out for a late-night happy hour. But unlike some of my Midwest ladies, I refuse to put my style on hold until the snow melts.

Here are my top secrets for looking good during frightful winters, no Ugg boots required. Continue reading

5 ways public transit limits my wardrobe

5 ways public transit limits my wardrobe // A Light Edit

I plan to commute by bus until I die. Not only do I hate driving, but gas is expensive, and traffic jams are infuriating. I’m delighted to begin and end my work day nestled into a faux-leather bus seat, engrossed in a good book. But riding the bus has its drawbacks. Namely that public transit kills my personal style.

Here are five perks of dressing for work I miss out on by using public transit.

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3 fashion trends you CAN pull off

3 fashion trends you CAN pull off // A Light Edit

My inner tomboy shies away from trendy clothing. As a newcomer to the world of
fashion, I live in near-constant fear of looking like I’m trying too hard. But despite how intimidating some trends may seem, there are  a few fashionable items that are flattering for all.

These are my top picks for seemingly scary trends that you CAN pull off. Continue reading