How to split the bill: the frugal girl’s guide to dividing the tab

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My inner cheapskate tends to surface when a lovely dining experience concludes with a bit of hard math. I hate when the bill shows up, and hasn’t been divided. Because I know, without a doubt, that I will be the one to take the lead on how to pay the check and ensure the server receives a fair tip. Am I alone here?

If you get stressed you’ll be outed as a tightwad or end up covering more than your fair share when dealing with the check, read on for tips on how to divide the tab fairly, in any scenario. Continue reading

8 reasons your server wants to punch you in the face

8 reasons your server wants to punch you in the face // A Light Edit

Working for tips has its perks. Although the cash servers earn is decent, waiting tables comes with everyday annoyances that quickly grate on these workers’ patience.

Here are eight faux pas you unknowingly commit that make your server want to punch you, right in the face.  Continue reading