6 surefire strategies for getting invited back out on the boat

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As far as summer activities are concerned, boating is the best. Nothing beats the pleasures a boat can offer – floating on the lake under the hot summer sun with a cold beer is a massive improvement over fighting crowds at the nearest beach. So if you’re lucky enough to mooch off a buddy’s boat without taking on the burden and expense of owning one yourself, don’t squander it!

Stick to these six rules to ensure you ace your boating day and get repeat invitations to embark on a boating day, long into the future. Continue reading

How to split the bill: the frugal girl’s guide to dividing the tab

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My inner cheapskate tends to surface when a lovely dining experience concludes with a bit of hard math. I hate when the bill shows up, and hasn’t been divided. Because I know, without a doubt, that I will be the one to take the lead on how to pay the check and ensure the server receives a fair tip. Am I alone here?

If you get stressed you’ll be outed as a tightwad or end up covering more than your fair share when dealing with the check, read on for tips on how to divide the tab fairly, in any scenario. Continue reading

3 subtle ways you discriminate against single friends

3 subtle ways you discriminate against single friends // A Light Edit

Gone are the days we ladies abandon our pals in favor of our boyfriends. Maintaining a balance between friendships and relationships is a telling sign of maturity. And although you can peacefully co-exist with your single friends today, you may be discriminating against them for their single status, without even noticing.

Here are three subtle ways you interact differently with your single buds than you might with your fellow couples. Continue reading