3 reasons open relationships may be key to lasting love

Some friends and I recently stumbled on the topic of monogamy as we listened to our girl vent about her messy breakup. In the midst of the bitch-fest, I asked what she would look for in the next guy, and her response started a heated debate: she said she was looking for her “person,” but that she wasn’t ready to restrict herself to sex with one dude for the rest of her life. While my friends and I discussed the concept of pledging one’s being and one’s vagina to one man, I found my arguments emerging in favor of open relationships.

Call me crazy, but here are a few reasons why I think it’s possible for couples to have open sex lives, while nurturing a loving relationship. Continue reading

6 reasons to choose a man like you would buy a home

6 reasons to choose a man like you would buy a home

As you claw your way up the rickety ladder to adulthood, you may look back on your poor choices and notice a pattern. You might discover you’ve made the same mistakes when picking a guy as you have when picking a home or apartment. If every bad apartment reminds us what to avoid when we someday buy a home, why don’t all our failed relationships teach us what to watch out for when picking a long-term mate?

Here are six considerations we bear in mind when shopping for a house that we should apply to our love lives.

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6 lies your mom told you about love

6 lies your mom told you about love

I’m no pro at love. Not by a long shot. But I’m savvy enough to know bad advice when I hear it. The love game has changed since some common phrases applied to dating and relationships. Unfortunately this pervasive wisdom has prevailed.

Here you have the top six lies my mom has been telling me about love from when I was barely old enough to tie my shoes, up until last week. Damn you, motherly guidance! Continue reading