3 ways women are killing their careers

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We women kick ass at communicating with others, managing complex processes, solving problems, and making the best of limited resources. So if ladies have strengths in areas that employers demand, why are women CEOs so few and far between? Unfortunately, fewer women are advancing to the top tier in their careers than their male coworkers. While I’m not denying the existence of constraints women fight in the workplace, I think it’s worthwhile to reflect on how we hold might be holding ourselves back.

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How to make nice with the office bitch

How to make nice with the office bitch // A Light Edit

Every workplace has one: the cantankerous coworker who rules her roost and won’t hesitate to remind you who’s in charge. She’s sweet as pie at staff meetings and the bosses love her, but she can barely glance in your direction without a sour expression. And while you can avoid this breed of bitch in social situations, at the office you’re stuck with her.

Here are five tips for how to forge a productive relationship with the office bitch, and possibly win her over. Continue reading