3 ways women are killing their careers

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We women kick ass at communicating with others, managing complex processes, solving problems, and making the best of limited resources. So if ladies have strengths in areas that employers demand, why are women CEOs so few and far between? Unfortunately, fewer women are advancing to the top tier in their careers than their male coworkers. While I’m not denying the existence of constraints women fight in the workplace, I think it’s worthwhile to reflect on how we hold might be holding ourselves back.

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10 tips to un-fuck your résumé

10 tips to un-fuck your résumé // A Light Edit

I bet your résumé is fucked. You wrote it hurriedly, at some point between graduating high school and finishing up college. And after getting some decent work experience, you shoe-horned a few bullet points in and used your half-assed résumé to apply for your next gig.

Wonder why you didn’t land an interview? Because there are a hundred candidates who applied for the position, and a handful of those job seekers had excellent résumés.

So how can you craft a résumé that rises to the top of the pile? Here are a few ideas.

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