5 “friends with benefits” mistakes to avoid

5 "friends with benefits" mistakes to avoid // A Light Edit

So you’re single, independent, and sexy. You aren’t looking for a relationship, but you’re not ready to sign on for a one-night stand. It seems like a no-brainer to form an agreement with a fuck buddy. But don’t get too engrossed in the no-strings sex that you fall into the “friends with benefits” trap, where one party develops feelings that go unrequited.

Follow these rules to keep your fuck buddy arrangement carefree and fun.

Don’t make plans

It can sometimes be a challenge for two parties with active lives to find time for sex in their opposing schedules. But as tempting as it may be to carve out a regular time to meet up, you’re encroaching on relationship territory when you make plans in advance. It’s inevitable that some of these plans won’t pan out, which breeds resentment and frustration for both parties. If you want to get upset over your partner flaking on your plans, get into a relationship. Friends with benefits get together on short notice only, and should never plan to hang out more than 12 hours in advance.

Don’t forget protection

A key benefit to a fuck buddy arrangement is you’re free to pursue sexual endeavors with other people. The fact that you’re not monogamous makes it more important than ever to practice safe sex — always use a condom!

Don’t linger

Friends with benefits belong in the bedroom, not at the bar. So keep your interactions as limited as possible to sex. The more time you spend together, the more likely one party is to begin viewing the arrangement as a relationship. So don’t linger after the deed is done: come, then go.

Don’t let it go on forever

If you’re lucky enough to land a fuck buddy, set a predetermined end date to your arrangement. It could be in a month, or in a year. But deciding on an expiration date in advance, you’re ensuring neither party get too comfortable that they aren’t considering a potential relationship with someone else, should that someone come along.

Are there any other rules I overlooked for having a successful “friends with benefits” arrangement? Tell me in the comments!

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